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Evidence for the Strategic Economic Plan

The following evidence is being used to underpin and inform the development of the West of England LEP Strategic Economic Plan.

Economic Baseline

The Economic Baseline provides data and information on key thematic areas of the West of England LEP:

  1. Economic Context
  2. Sectors
  3. Finance & Investment
  4. Innovation & Enterprise
  5. Place
  6. People

View the baseline data page

Growth Forecasts Report

The following report sets out potential growth forecasts for the West of England. This report has been produced by Oxford Economics and will be used alongside other evidence to consider revised growth targets for the West of England.

West of England Outlook Report

West of England Scenario Detail

The following note explains the differences between the forecasts produced by Oxford Economics and the outputs from the RED Economic Model.

Reconciling the Oxford Economics Forecasts and the RED Model Outputs

Priority Sectors

The following report sets out the justification for the selection of our five priority growth sectors.  These sectors are:

  • Advanced Manufacturing (including Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing)
  • High Tech
  • Creative and Digital Industries
  • Professional and Legal Services
  • Low Carbon

These five sectors all demonstrate positive employment quotients, showing that we have strong clusters of employment above the national average.  In addition these sectors (with the exception of Low Carbon) have all experienced significant growth in the amount of GVA generated per FTE between 1998 and 2020.

Priority Sector Data Report

SW RDA Legacy: Scale of Interventions

The following note pulls together information from the South West RDA legacy documents on the impact of large scale interventions in urban areas. The RDA's evaluations and research shows that investing on a large scale in our urban areas had the greatest impact in terms of strengthening the region's ability to compete nationally and internationally and, therefore, to deliver sustained economic growth.

Scale of Interventions

Social Inclusion

This report produced by the HCA looks at the 2010 Indices of Deprivation, providing a qualitative study of deprived areas across the West of England LEP.

Indices of Deprivation 2010 – West of England Summary

This data report provides evidence for a number of key economic indicators in relation to social inclusion and diversity.

West of England Social Inclusion and Diversity Data Report

Local Environment and Economic Development Toolkit

The LEED is a toolkit designed to support Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) to identify key opportunities and threatsto local economic planswhich stem from the economy's dependence on the environment.  This report is a note of a Level 1 workshop of the LEED process.

West of England Report of the Level 1 LEED Workshop

Funding streams

Funding streams

The LEP works to bring funding to the West of England to support economic growth
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