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Professional and Financial Services

The Professional, Finance and Insurance sector is one of the largest sectors in the West of England in terms of both the number of people employed and the GVA it creates.

Key West of England facts

  • 52,700 jobs
  • £4 billion GVA
  • 89% growth in productivity since 2000
  • 11% of the total workforce
  • 2,000 new jobs since 2008
  • Academic centres of excellence offering high quality, globally renownowned teaching and training

Sector overview

Concentrations of the sector can be found within the city centres of Bristol and Bath, as well as in Bristol’s North Fringe. The city is a leading financial services centre with many major international and national companies locating head office functions here, with particular strengths in retail banking, insurance, share dealing and ethical finance. These include Lloyds Banking Group (UK Retail Banking Division), DAS Legal Expenses, Hargreaves Lansdown, Canada Life, Computershare Investment Services, Nat West Insurance and Triodos Bank.

The sector is the most significant of the West of England priority sectors in terms of employment, constituting 11% of the total workforce in the region in 2011. The number of jobs has grown by 1,957 since 2008, showing that the sector continues to be relatively strong despite the impact of the recession.

There are a number of centres of excellence throughout the West of England to support the professional development within the professional, financial and legal sector. Three of the universities offer high quality, and in some cases globally renowned, teaching and training.

Sector group information
For more details on this group, please contact Chris Bull, Chair of the Professional and Financial Services sector

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