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Funding at a glance

Funding at a glance

West of England Local Enterprise Partnership Funding Arrangements – All the information you need

The West of England LEP has secured £283.5m through Growth Deals that will be invested in the West of England from 2015-2021. This investment will be matched by over £200m of additional investment from local partners and the private sector. Together this funding will create at least 9,000 jobs.

West of England Strategic Economic Plan - Sets out the delivery strategy for local economic growth using significant amount of funding from the Local Growth Fund.

Equality & Diversity Impacts - Delivering excellence in Equality & Diversity is intrinsically linked to the successful achievement of the West of England Strategy.

We have undertaken a review of the activities delivered and progress to date against the equality and diversity objectives set out in the Strategic Economic Plan, SEP. Our Equality and Diversity Report (Overview April 2016), sets out the refreshed SEP equalities and diversity objectives. The full report is also available.

All schemes coming through for funding are required to produce an Equality and Diversity Impact Assessment and to draw up a plan of action to address equality and diversity issues relevant to the scheme.

One Front Door - The West of England LEP operates a 'One Front Door' approach to managing funds which is overseen by an Investment Panel with the LEP Board providing business input and scheme approvals granted by the Joint Committee. Further detail about these meetings is provided below.

Annual Impact Report

The Impact Report 2015/16 provides key intelligence on exactly what the LEP is about; how the various parts work to support economic growth and business on the ground across the four local authority areas of Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

Funding arrangements

West of England Growth Deal Assurance Framework - Sets out the governance arrangements and processes through which the West of England Growth Deal and Local Growth Fund will operate. The framework has been signed off by the LEP Board, and compliance with required guidance has been confirmed to Government in an Annual Assurance Statement.

Accountability and Transparency

The West of England Combined Authority is the nominated Accountable Body for the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership and is responsible for managing the funding streams.  This includes managing Freedom of Information requests, complaints, whistleblowing and complying with Data Protection requirements.

Freedom of information requests – Information on right of access to information held by public bodies.

Data protection – Duty of the local Authority to process and protect personal data as within the Data Protection Act principles.

Whistleblowing - the procedure outlines the process to follow when reporting a perceived wrongdoing within the Authority or LEP.

Complaints policy - Information about making a complaint.

Confidential reporting of complaints - the means to make a confidential complaint or raise a concern.

Bath & North East Somerset Statement of Accounts 2016/17 provides details of expenditure and funding of the LEP at note 46.  Budget information and annual accounts for 2017/18 be published on the Combined Authority's website.


The Business Nominations Committee nominates and selects business representatives for those bodies in the LEP organisation that require them, including the LEP Board.

Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Policy for the LEP Board.

LEP Board Membership and Terms of Reference - The membership of the Board is shown here. Each member has signed a Register of Interests, Conflict of Interests Policy and Code of Conduct. These can be viewed by selecting the individual Board member.

The Chair of the LEP is able to claim expenses on the same basis as officers of Bath and North East Somerset Council. Details of these expenses are published.

Joint Committee Terms of Reference (pages A10 - A12) are published in the WECA constitution.  An update on progress with schemes, approvals for new schemes and changes is a regular item at meetings of the Joint Committee and can be viewed under the meetings section of the WECA website.

WECA Overview and Scrutiny Committee Terms of Reference (pages A7 - A8) are also listed in the WECA Constitution.  The WECA Overview & Scrutiny Committee is made up of 11 members from the across the Combined Authority region and is chaired by Cllr Stephen Clarke (Bristol City Council). It holds powers to review or scrutinise the work of WECA and the discharge of its functions and make reports or recommendations on these or other matters which affect inhabitants of the WECA area. Where the business of the Local Enterprise Partnership relates to the discharge of functions of WECA, the Committee holds these powers also.  North Somerset Councillors sit alongside the Committee to consider Joint Committee items, including the reports on One Front Door funding.  

Accountable Body - For the Growth Deal is the West of England Combined Authority, WECA, who are represented through the s151 officer as an observer on the Investment Panel. The accountable body is responsible for enacting the final funding decisions made by the Joint Committee.

Growth Deals

Growth Deal 1 and 2 sets out the details of the Growth Deal with West of England LEP, which have helped to fund local projects in the region.

A further Growth Deal 3 Bid was submitted in July 2016 for £81m of funding and in February 2017 £52.8m was awarded.

The funding allocated to projects in 2015/162016/17 and 2017/18 are shown on the annual Funding and Status Report.

Programme performance

Checklist - Produced for each meeting of the Joint Committee which shows the status of schemes within the programme, the allocated funding and grant claim to date.

Programme of schemes - Schemes allocated funding via the One Front Door process are listed in the table and will be updated regularly.

Economic Development Fund arrangements and investment programme designed to maximise economic returns in all the Enterprise Zone and Areas.

Revolving Infrastructure Fund arrangements and infrastructure schemes funded to unlock or serve development that will bring about economic and/or housing growth.

Business Cases are published at the point of decision making for One Front Door schemes which have been fully or conditionally approved.

An Executive Summary is provided for each One Front Door approved scheme for the funding streams above including a contact for further information.

Applying for Funding

The way in which prospective applicants can submit schemes for consideration of funding, through the Local Growth Fund and wider One Front Door funding streams, is set out in the step by step guidance note.

support manual is also available to assist applicants with bringing forward robust and complete business cases for approval via the One Front Door process. This reference manual sets out the requirements and provides the benchmarks against which schemes will be assessed.

Supplying services to the LEP

Selling to the Council – All contract opportunities above £5,000 are managed through the Supplying the South West e-procurement portal. The Combined Authority's website provides further information on the process and how to register for email alerts.

Details of expenditure – details of spend over £500 are listed on the Combined Authoriy's website.

About us

About us

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