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Funding Programme

Funding Programme

The West of England LEP has made a commitment to transparency, accountability and the ability to make binding decisions. The West of England Growth Deal Assurance Framework sets out the arrangements and processes through which the Growth Deal and the Local Growth Fund will operate.

The West of England LEP operates a 'One Front Door' approach to managing funds with the aim to establish a consistent and transparent approach that oversees a wide range of programmes regardless of their funding source. A number of boards and committees are established to manage the processes that allocate funding and track delivery.

Schemes allocated funding via the Local Growth Fund (Growth Deal), Economic Development and Revolving Infrastructure Funds are part of the One Front Door process, and as such are managed by the Investment Panel with scheme approvals granted by the Joint Committee.  Progress updates on schemes are also regularly reported to the Joint Scrutiny Committee with non-sensitive information from highlight reports reviewed, the latest reports can be viewed by clicking here.

In order to ensure robust processes are in place, in 2014 the LEP commissioned an independent review of the One Front Door arrangements. The review recommendations and other feedback received since have led to refinement of the processes.

Schemes allocated funding via the One Front Door process are listed in the table below and will be updated regularly. Details of approved schemes can be viewed via the menu on the left hand side of this page. A checklist is produced for each meeting of the Joint Committee which shows the status of schemes within the programme, the allocated funding and grant claim to date.

One Front Door programme schemes (click on image to enlarge)

ODF Funding Programmes

Scheme Equality and Diversity Impact Assessments and Plans

All schemes coming through for funding are required to produce an Equality and Diversity Impact Assessment and to draw up a plan of action to address equality and diversity issues relevant to the scheme. The Equality and Diversity Impact Assessments undertaken by individual schemes are also available. 

Applying for Funding

The way in which prospective applicants can submit schemes for consideration of funding, through the Local Growth Fund and wider One Front Door funding streams, is set out in the step by step guidance note.

A support manual is also available to assist applicants with bringing forward robust and complete business cases for approval via the One Front Door process. This reference manual sets out the requirements and provides the benchmarks against which schemes will be assessed.

About us

About us

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