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EDF Schemes

Economic Development Fund schemes approved by the Strategic Leaders Board to date

North Somerset Enterprise Technical College a £26.9m project funded with £3.702m from EDF
Project Completion update
The NSETC is a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths related Free School for 14-19 years olds and a member of the Weston Enterprise & Entrepreneurial Learning (WEEL) Multi-Academy Trust, which is sponsored by Weston College. A strong business ethos and partnership working with businesses are core to its approach.

The NSETC project completed works and opened to students on the 5 September 2016.

Avonmouth Severnside Ecology & Flood Development Costs a £1.9m project funded from EDF
The Avonmouth & Severnside Integrated Development, Infrastructure and Flood Risk Management Study sought to identify the challenges to the Avonmouth Severnside Enterprise Area’s development and identify a viable way forward to ensure that existing infrastructure and development in the area remained sustainable. It recommended that further detailed studies should be undertaken to confirm details and costs of the flood defence, and ecology options, including, if appropriate, proposals for the phasing of those options.

EDF funding has been allocated to complete Phase 1 (design and development works) of the Avonmouth Severnside Flooding and Ecology works, including the appropriate survey and design/development work in order to be able to take forward the necessary flood defence and ecology mitigation interventions identified for the Avonmouth Severnside Enterprise Area.

Aerospace Bristol (formerly known as Bristol Aerospace Centre) a £17m project with £1.2m funded from EDF
Project Completion update
Development of a 9 acre site on Filton Airfield, North Bristol involving the restoration and repurposing of two WW1 Grade II listed hangars providing over 5,000 m² of accommodation for an aerospace industrial heritage museum and learning centre. A new building with be erected between the two hangars to house Concorde and related exhibits, including a viewing gallery. Its floorspace will be around 3,200m², and will include a technology learning centre, conference facilities and a lecture room. Development will be delivered summer 2017.

Invest in Bristol and Bath project funded with £5m from EDF
The LEP’s Strategic Economic Plan positions investment and promotion as one of four levers for growth for the West of England economy. The Invest in Bristol and Bath (IBB) inward investment service has a proven track record, and has over recent years created 1,150 jobs and safeguarded 330 more, contributed £84.5m of GVA and successfully supported 52 companies. Through the EDF £5m of funding will be provided over 5 years from April 2015 to provide the IBB service. This will  build and maintain a strong investment promotion service for the West of England that:

  • Creates jobs by attracting business investment to the region.
  • Secures income for the area through the City Deal by attracting investment to the Enterprise Zone and Areas.
  • Supports the area’s and individual Unitary Authority economic development priorities

Aztec West Roundabout a £4.5m project with £1.771m from EDF
The proposed £4.5m improvement involves the widening of the A38 approach to the Aztec West roundabout from the North (from Junction 16), and the construction of associated pedestrian and cyclist crossing facilities across the A38 north and Aztec West arms of the junction.

BTQEZ Programme Delivery Team a £2.5m project funded from EDF    
The development of the Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone (BTQEZ) is a priority for Bristol City Council and the West of England LEP. The EZ Programme Delivery Team is being set up to engage in the direct delivery of projects and work with partners to respond to opportunities and challenges for the benefit of the Zone, Bristol and West of England.

West Wick Roundabout and North South Link a £11.215m project with £8.409m funded from EDF
The North South Link (NSL) is a highway link with cycle and footpath facilities through Parklands Village which forms part of the Junction 21 Enterprise Area. This highway link will provide the first two phases of the main access route through the site, which when completed will connect the A371 at Locking to the West Wick Roundabout on the A370. Improvements to West Wick Roundabout, to increase capacity through reconfiguration and partial signalisation, will also be made in conjunction with provision of the NSL.

Bath Quays South (Phase 1a) a project with £6.245m funded from EDF
Local enabling infrastructure works on the Bath Quays South site, comprising of demolition, remediation, floodwall/embankment works, public realm and landscaping. The project aims to bring this key strategic site back into use and deliver much needed high quality commercial business space in Bath.

Bath Quays North (Phase 1b) a £1.809m project funded from EDF
This project involves the relocation of the Bath Riverside coach park, situated in the Quays North development site, to the Odd Down Park & Ride facility. This enabling work will remove fundamental viability barriers which would otherwise prevent delivery of this significant new Central Business District.

Bromley Heath Viaduct Maintenance and Improvement Programme a £10.3m project with £2.8m funded from EDF
The scheme is to carry out major maintenance and refurbishment works on the Bromley Heath Viaduct on the A4174 to enable it to carry traffic for the next 40 years without the need for further major disruptive maintenance.  The project will also enhance the cycling and walking provision by replacing the current narrow unprotected path with a new wide protected cycle and footway separated from traffic.

Bath Riverside Enterprise Zone Team a £1.99m project with £685k funded from EDF
To ensure the successful delivery of target economic outputs - business rates, jobs and office space - the project seeks funding for a team to ensure the Zone is appropriately promoted towards target audiences.  The team will be responsible for bringing forward key identified economic sites and influencing private development by creating strong public and private sector partnerships to set a development precedent across the Enterprise Zone.



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