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Innovation Schemes

Innovation Schemes

Bristol Institute of Technology and Robotics Laboratory £21.5m project with £4.5m from the LGF (alongside £4m for University Enterprise Zone)
Scheme description Project completion update
Building on the strengths of the Bristol Robotics Lab and the high growth potential of the major cluster of technology businesses in the region, this project will provide essential start-up and grow-on space for technology and knowledge-based businesses in robotics and autonomous systems, bio-sensing and bio-technology, bio-medical and related high tech fields.

It will provide the specialist facilities and necessary support to enable key industry and academic collaboration, bringing together the significant strengths of UWE Bristol and the University of Bristol with industry innovators, technology companies and a range of other partners including the West of England Academic Health Science Network. The West of England University Enterprise Zone is due to open in August 2016.

The Bristol Robotics Laboratory and the University Enterprise Zone Innovation and Incubation Centre (BRL UEZ) project was delivered and opened on time in August 2016.

Health Technology Hub £4.7m project with £1,330m from the LGF
Creation of a Health Technology Hub (HTH) as a national Centre of Excellence in health technologies, relating to independent living and home-based diagnostics. The project involves the refurbishment and fit out of 900m2 facility on the University of West of England Frenchay Campus.

Expansion of the Open Programmable City Region £27.3m project with £15m from the LGF
An expansion of the test bed to provide fibre network connectivity to the wider West of England area and enable research and development projects to utilize the platform.

Composite bridge construction £2.4m project with £1m from the LGF
This project will exploit advanced technology, drawing on the expertise of the National Composites Centre, to develop an advanced 'composite' footbridge structure on the A4174 ring road  at Bromley Heath, part of South Gloucestershire's cycle routes linking the Filton and Emerson's Green Enterprise Areas and Bristol Parkway Station. The intention is that the design of this composite footbridge structure can be developed as a new practical structure, which could be used efficiently and economically in a variety of locations, dramatically changing the way footbridges are designed.

Engine Shed 2
More incubation and grow on space for high tech companies under the SETsquared model. 

Superfast Broadband Extension Programme with £1,310m from the LGF
Funding request from LGF to secure additional available funding from Broadband Delivery UK team with Central Government Department of Culture, Media and Sports. The scheme will build on the Phase 1 Rural Broadband programme to further extend the superfast broadband coverage across South Gloucestershire. This involves provision of open access ducting to support the roll out of Superfast Broadband across the South Gloucestershire area.

Bristol and Bath Cultural Destinations Media Bank Centre with £147k from the LGF
Creation of a media bank to support the work of the Bristol & Bath Cultural Destinations Project, enabling members to deposit and withdraw audio and visual material to create new content for a wide variety of marketing, promotional and presentational purposes. These activities will promote the West of England LEP region and provide information to visitors and tourists – both business and leisure.

Aerospace Bristol (formerly known as Bristol Aerospace Centre) with £500k from the LGF
For more details visit see approved EDF schemes.

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Get involved

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Economic intelligence

Economic intelligence

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