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RIF schemes to date

RIF schemes to date

The West of England Revolving Infrastructure Fund (RIF) is worth £56.7m and is made up of two elements; £16.9m from the Growing Places Fund and £39.8m from the Regional Growth Fund (RGF). The Fund commenced in Spring 2013 and has been used to deliver mostly physical infrastructure such as roads, flood relief schemes and bridges across the West of England.

RIF schemes to date:

Filwood Green, £6.2m from RIF
Open from May 2015, the Filwood Green Business Park is a new sustainable workplace located in Knowle West, South Bristol. RIF funding helped deliver 3,700 sqm of new workspace for use by small and medium sized businesses. The Park fosters enterprise, innovation and job creation in South Bristol.

Gainsborough Square, a £2.5m project with £750k from RIF
Gainsborough Square is a local centre for people living in Lockleaze, providing shops, a park and other facilities. Regeneration works were completed in 2015, with the RIF funding providing improvements to the public realm and highways at Gainsborough Square including the green space, streets, pathways and play area.

J21 Outbound, £370k from RIF
The J21 outbound capacity scheme complements the wider major scheme works to Junction 21 and benefits existing and new business by improving access to the motorway from the Junction 21 at Weston-super-Mare. Works were completed in Spring 2014.

Decommissioning of Bath Gas Holder Station, £4.1m from RIF
Scheme involves removal of the high-pressure gas infrastructure to release three major development sites from a Health and Safety Executive enforced exclusion zone around the plant. No development can take place on these three sites until the exclusion zone is lifted. Decommissioning of the gas holders will contribute to the sustainability of the City of Bath and will act as a catalyst for the timely regeneration of the Bath City Riverside Enterprise Area. Works commenced in May 2014 with overall completion anticipated December 2017.

Destructor Bridge Renewal at River Avon, Bath, £1.8m from RIF
As part of the regeneration of Bath City Riverside, the Destructor Bridge is being replaced with a new bridge designed to accommodate cycles, pedestrians and motor vehicles. Works commenced in April 2015 with completion anticipated May 2016.

Bath Quays Waterside, phase 1 £5.1m from RIF
Scheme involves delivery of flood defences for parts of Bath City Centre, including essential flood mitigation and flood defence works to the north and south banks of the river between Churchill Bridge and Midland Bridge. The project seeks to significantly enhance the riverside, creating better access and a more attractive environment for local people and visitors to the city. Works commenced in January 2016 with completion anticipated December 2016.

Dolphin Square, Weston-super-Mare, £540k from RIF
Development started with the demolitions and delivery of a new hotel and pub on part of the site in 2014. The final phase construction on the main Dolphin Square development commenced in November 2015. This will act as a catalyst for unlocking growth and development in the town, with the new retail and leisure development, restaurants and cinema opening by September 2017.

Weston-super-Mare Strategic Flood Scheme, £8.5m from RIF
A strategic flood scheme to deliver flood mitigation with a ‘superpond’ in central Weston Super Mare and works to the River Banwell. Anticipated completion March 2016.

Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone Infrastructure Works - £20.85m from RIF
Infrastructure works to improve the highways, public transport, pedestrian, cycling and access inprovements to the Temple Quay area of Bristol and the Enterprise Zone. Overall Completion anticipated June 2017.

A38 Filton - £3.85m from RIF
Road improvements to the A4174 and A38 in Filton. Overall completion anticipated May 2016.



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