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Investment Board

The Investment Board includes public and private sector membership and makes recommendations on a fundable programme of schemes to the LEP Board and the Strategic Leaders Board.

Supported by independent technical advisors, the Investment Board oversees a programme of schemes delivered through a number of public funding streams, including the Local Growth Fund and the Economic Development and Revolving Infrastructure Funds.

The full Terms of Reference include a description of how the Investment Board operates.

The Investment Board comprises:

  • Patricia Greer, LEP Chief Executive
  • Stephen Hughes, Bristol City Council Chief Executive
  • Amanda Deeks, South Gloucestershire Council Chief Executive
  • Ashley Ayre, Bath and North East Somerset Council Chief Executive
  • Mike Jackson, North Somerset Council Chief Executive
  • Tim Richens, Bath and North East Somerset Council Section 151 Officer
  • Paul Appleby, Creative Sector Group Chair
  • Stephen Parsons, Social Enterprise Sector Group Chair
  • David Coombes, Distribution Sector Group Chair
  • Philip Morton, Member of Professional and Financial Services Sector Group
  • Mike Bartley, High Tech Sector Group Chair

Business membership is never more than 4, and rotates between those listed above according to availability, expertise, or in such cases as a member has an interest which precludes their attendance. Click on the names above to view their Code of Conduct & Conflict of Interest Policy.

The Business Nominations Committee nominates and selects business representatives for those bodies in the LEP organisation that require them, including the West of England Investment Board.

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About us

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