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Joint Scrutiny Committee

The Joint Scrutiny Committee is constitutionally comprised of four distinct scrutiny committees that meet jointly.

The four West of England Councils have each established an independent overview and scrutiny committee of three Members. They have also established a common terms of reference and agreed that the four scrutiny committees meet at the same time so that scrutiny takes places in a joint manner.

The Committee operates for the purposes of overview and scrutiny of matters considered by joint meetings of the authorities and the West of England LEP. The full Terms of Reference agreed in June 2014 defines the remit of the Committee.

Meetings and Agendas

The last meeting was held on Monday 13th March 2017, 10am-1pm at Somerdale Pavilion, Cross Street, Keynsham, BS31 2FW

These meetings include a Public Forum through which members of the public can make statements, ask questions or present a petition. Guidance is available on how public forums work and for details on how to give notice of participation and for any other enquiries please email:

Agendas and meeting papers will be available to download below 5 days before each meeting. Papers for meetings prior to September 2012 can be downloaded on our archive site.

13 March 2017 Agenda & Papers
9 Jan 2017 Agenda & Papers

28 Nov 2016 Agenda & Papers
30 Sept 2016 Agenda & Papers
24 Jun 2016 Agenda & Papers Presentations
4 Mar 2016 Agenda & Papers Additional paper item 9
18 Jan 2016 Agenda & Papers 

7 Dec 2015 Agenda & Papers
12 Oct 2015 Agenda & Papers
8 Sept 2015 Agenda & Papers
27 Aug 2015 Draft minutes of Bristol City Council Extraordinary Meeting
6 Jul 2015 Agenda & Papers Public Forum
9 Mar 2015 Agenda & Papers Public Forum Response to Questions

8 Dec 2014 Agenda & Papers Public Forum
8 Sept 2014 Agenda & Papers Public Forum
30 Jun 2014 Agenda & Papers Public Forum
5 Mar 2014 Agenda & Papers Public Forum
31 Jan 2014 Agenda & Papers Public Forum

26 Nov 2013 Agenda & Papers Public Forum
06 Sept 2013 Agenda and papers Public forum
07 Jun 2013 Agenda and papers Agenda Item 6
08 Feb 2013 Agenda and papers

05 Sept 2012 Agenda and papers