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Joint Transport Board

In order to provide better coordination and clarity for stakeholders, from March 2014 it was decided to bring together the meetings of the Joint Transport Executive Committee (JTEC) and Local Transport Body Board (LTBB) as the West of England Joint Transport Board.

The JTEC and LTB meetings continue to operate under their respective constitutions and other arrangements but the meetings have been combined.

These meetings include a public forum through which members of the public can make statements, ask questions or present a petition. Guidance is available on how public forums work and for details on how to give notice of participation and for any other enquiries please email:

The Forward Plan for the Joint Transport Board shows the items which will be considered at its future meetings.

Agendas and meeting papers will be available for download 5 days before each meeting.


17 March 2017 Agenda and Papers

13 Jan 2017 Draft Minutes. These minutes remain as a draft until they have been formally approved at the next meeting of the Joint Transport Board on 17th March 2017.

13 Jan 2017 Agenda and Papers


9 Sept 2016 Agenda and Papers

17 Jun 2016 Agenda and Papers

18 Mar 2016 Agenda and Papers

29 Jan 2016 Agenda and Papers, Presentations


23 Oct 2015  Agenda, Items 4-8, Items 9-12

16 Sept 2015 Agenda and Papers, Agenda Item 5, Views of Joint Scrutiny

17 July 2015 Agenda and Papers, Public ForumAgenda Item 5, Views of Joint Scrutiny

13 March 2015  Agenda and Papers, Public Forum, Views of Joint Scrutiny


12 Dec 2014 Agenda and Papers, Public Forum, Views of Joint Scrutiny

12 Sept 2014 Agenda and Papers, Public Forum, Views of Joint Scrutiny     

4 July 2014 Agenda and Papers, Public Forum, Views of Joint Scrutiny

Documents related to JTEC and LTBB until June 2014 are available on the meeting pages on the menu.

Papers for meetings prior to June 2012 can be downloaded on our archive site.