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LEP Board

LEP Board

The LEP Board develops and drives policy and strategy for economic growth and job creation in the LEP area.

The LEP Board supports local authorities and businesses in the delivery of economic growth and job creation, through involvement in decisions about grant funding where appropriate and in line with central government policy or requirements.

Terms of Reference and Membership

The LEP Board Members represent the four West of England Local Authorities and Business.

View the full Terms of Reference and associated Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Policy for the LEP Board.

The Business Nominations Committee nominates and selects business representatives for those bodies in the LEP organisation that require them, including the LEP Board.

Minutes of meetings

The minutes of the Board meetings are listed below, alongside briefing notes (where available) providing a summary of the main elements of the Board's discussions.

25 May 2017      Minutes

19 April 2017     Minutes

24 Feb 2017      Minutes

30 Nov 2016      Minutes

21 Sept 2016     Minutes

15 June 2016    Minutes

26 Feb 2016      Minutes

6 Jan 2016         Minutes

2015                   Minutes of individual meetings

2014                   Minutes of individual meetings

2013                   Minutes of individual meetings

2012                   Minutes of individual meetings

2011                   Minutes of individual meetings

2011                   Minutes of individual Interim Board meetings