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Business engagement

Know your business, grow your business!

Free Skills Support Review for Small and Medium Businesses (fewer than 250 employees)

Research shows that efficiency and production increases when staff are actively involved in training. Employees who receive formal training can be 230% more productive than untrained colleagues who are working in the same role.
(Source: Smith A., 2001, Return on Investment in Training: Research Readings, NCVER)

  • Aerospace
  • Advanced Engineering 
  • Professional Services
  • Low Carbon 
  • Creative
  • High Tech and Health and Life Sciences

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How does it begin?

You are the best insight into your business, the way it works and where you feel developments need to be made. One of the LEPs dedicated Skills Advisers will meet to discuss your business, its structure, direction and barriers to sustainability or growth.  Working in partnership through organisational level analysis as well as individual reviews if required, your skills adviser will help you identify ways in which including skills development with your company could have a positive long term impact on your business.

Identified business objectives
Create a strategic plan for the future
Support with Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats Analysis
Set training/ learning Targets for teams
Awareness of individual strengths and skills gaps

Sign posted to appropriate funding
Sourced training opportunities within the local area
Direct and exact links to providers of training
Access to networks to improve industry knowledge on trends and developments and increase contacts



  • lean productivity
  • better accuracy and efficiency
  • good work practices - improved quality/standards
  • better customer service
  • greater flexibility and responsiveness to change
  • less waste - time/materials


  • wasted time and materials
  • maintenance and repair costs
  • recruitment costs - agency fees, advertising etc. is expensive and time consuming
  • recruitment costs through the internal promotion of skilled staff
  • absenteeism

For more details or to book your Skills Support Review please contact your appropriate business engagement team.

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