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Best Practice

-         Employability is clearly at the centre of the SGS strategy  and curriculum in aiming to “prepare learners for life after college” (S Glos and Stroud)

-         There is a very clear commitment from the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and the Governing Body to promote employability skills throughout the school. Your Development Plan for Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance is clear and comprehensive (Brimsham Green)

-         Weekly employer talks enable more time for students to hear about the skills and qualifications required across a range of sectors. Students are actively encouraged to ask questions about what it is really like to work in sectors (Brimsham Green)

-         Talks from employers " practical experience of the job - helps me know what I want to do" (Brimsham Green).

-         Employability is a key element of your 'Gordano 2015 – A strategic Vision'

-         Your evaluation shows that 91% of students feel your employability skills will help them find a job after leaving full-time education  (Gordano)

-         "The mock interviews helped me know what to expect from an employer"

-         "After the careers fair I am much clearer about what I want to do and what grades I need to help me do it"

-         "Meeting the employers and hearing about their jobs is very interesting" (Gordano)

-         Restructuring how employability is delivered should result in a more consistent approach where staff are clearer about their role and 'who does what'  (Hanham High)

-         Apprenticeships are also offered where appropriate (Hanham High)

-         Close links with the University of West of England (UWE) and City of Bristol College (Hanham High)

-         Work experience is well managed and at least 99% of students are able to attend and benefit from work experience (Hanham High)

-         The high level of commitment from your Headteacher, the Senior Leadership Team and the Governing Body within the school (Kings Oak)

-         There is a Governor with responsibility for Employability Skills  (Kings Oak)

-         Students are now tracked and supported from Year 7 to Year 13 with regard to the career they would like to do in the future. In Year 7 this includes identifying a favourite job  (Kings Oak) 

-         "I learnt a lot at the mock interviews about what I shouldn’t do and what I did well, it has made me think" (Kings Oak)



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