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Education Pilot

The Employability Chartermark pilot included the following West of England education organisations:

Redland Green Pilot case study -

 ‘As a school we've found that we do a lot more than we ever thought towards employability - it's now about consolidating what we've got and improving it for the students with a better understanding of how different areas of the school and staff are involved in student employability; seeing where our strengths are and what needs improvement; crossing over IAG and Employability; opportunity to collaborate with other schools  and share best practice and highlighting the necessity to look forward from   student's education and on to employment.

So far we have done:

  • A review of the curriculum policy to include a commitment to developing employability
  • Business and education contacts through our work on the Chartermark - we want to keep building on these
  • ‘Employability Week’ in development
  • Additional Employability Intervention

Looking ahead we have got plans to further employability focused learning for the students, including:

  • Developing our business and education contacts through our work on the Chartermark
  • Building on ‘Employability week’
  • School Development plan (IAG, developing employability)
  • More subject area planned learning opportunities
  • We want to continue to build long term links with businesses so work experience and employability related learning is stronger and have better employment opportunities for students.’

Above Redland Green School’s response to the Employability Chartermark midway through the process.  They have since gained the Employability Chartermark for education and are continuing to improve and consolidate their practise.

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