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Graduate talent

Graduate talent

The LEP is working closely with the area's four universities – Bath Spa University, University of Bath, University of Bristol, and University of the West of England – to help business benefit from the wealth of talent and skills amongst the thousands of young people who graduate each year. We also have world-class research capabilities within our sub-region and the LEP aims to ensure that this potential is developed so that it can contribute to our economic growth.

More than 10,000 young people graduate locally each year representing an amazing resource to local employers who can benefit greatly from summer internships, student placements, part-time roles and graduate recruitment opportunities.

One successful candidate, Elisha Hocking (pictured above), now has a full time position following an initial eight-week internship with the strategic outsourcing and energy services company, MITIE.

The former University West of England law student said: "I saw a placement on the University website for a short-term Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator which really interested me. The initial eight weeks were extended at the end of the term and although there wasn't a full time job available in that role one did come up in the HR department which I was successful in getting."

Elisha added: "The internship was brilliant because it gave me a chance to get some practical work skills and also for MITIE to assess my capabilities. Even if the placement hadn't resulted in a full-time job at MITIE I am confident that the experience would have helped me secure work elsewhere. This sort of arrangement can work really well for both the candidate and the company, even if it's just a short term arrangement."

Another graduate from Bath Spa University secured a fixed-term design and copywriting internship with the digital self-publishing company, KoodibooK after taking part in a networking event organised by the university.

Through the internship Liz developed the skills she had learned through her degree, gained confidence of working within a commercial and creative environment and worked, for the first time, as part of a dynamic interdisciplinary team. The business benefited from an injection of new ideas, Liz's enthusiasm and willingness to learn, and a mix of skills, which complemented those already in the business, gained through a low-risk, well-defined internship.

Following the internship, Liz continued working for a further 12 months with KoodibooK and has recently taken up the role of Studio Manager at Play Nicely, a multi-disciplinary design, technology and creation studio based in Bristol.

The Graduate Talent initiative highlights the many benefits that employers can gain from harnessing motivated young people who can either help with short-term projects, or develop and grow with the business in a full time role. Colin Skellett, LEP Chairman, says: "Employing students and graduates is a cost-effective way of bringing fresh ideas and up-to-date learning into our organisations. Many young people have fantastic skills and potential and nurturing this talent is vital to encourage local economic growth and help our businesses prosper."

Information for employers about the opportunities that students and graduates offer can be downloaded in the following PDFs:

Graduate Talent
Summer Internships

The four universities across the region also offer more tailored information and support. For details visit the links below:

Bath Spa University

Bath Spa University Careers
Tel: 01225 875 556

University of Bath

University of Bath Careers Advisory Service
Tel: 01225 386 009

Univeristy of Bristol University of Bristol Careers Service
Tel: 0117 928 8121


University of the West of England Careers Service
Tel: 0117 328 5353



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