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Wessex Water was established to provide customers with drinking water and provide sewerage services, they supply water to 1.3 million people and provide sewerage services to 2.7 million people in the south west.

Wessex Water treat water to the highest standard and supply it to customers’ homes. They then take away and treat waste water, such as waste from your toilet, and clean it so it can be safely returned to the environment.

Staff work in a variety of roles – ranging from employees who maintain and improve infrastructure, such as pipes and treatment plants, to those who ensure they protect the environment and wildlife by monitoring rivers and streams.

Wessex Water is the best performing water and sewerage company in England and Wales. It is also one of the most efficient water companies in the way it operates its services.

Sewerage network

Wessex Water treat 460 million litres of sewage from 2.7 million customers every day.

They have:
35,000 kilometres (22,000 miles) of sewers
407 sewage treatment works
1,600 sewage pumping stations

Infrastructure improvements

From 2010 to 2015 Wessex Water have invested around £1 billion to make further improvements to ensure that they continue to deliver high standards. A lot of their investment has been driven by the improvements that customers have said that they see as important.

These included:
Reducing the risk of sewage flooding
Improving the environment
Reducing the risk of pollution.

Water Supply Grid

Due to be completed in 2017, the water supply grid will be 112 kilometres (70 miles) in length and will ensure that Wessex Water:

  • meet future water supply demand
  • improve the security of supply for customers - it ensures customers have two sources of supply
  • meet reductions in abstraction licences required by the Environment Agency to improve flows in some rivers and protect their ecology
  • deal with seasonal or occasional deteriorating raw water quality, particularly increasing concentrations of nitrates at some groundwater sources.

Wessex Water are building a new water supply pipe from Corfe Mullen to Salisbury which will enable them to transfer water from the south of our region in Dorset to Salisbury in Wiltshire via Blandford and Shaftesbury.

The pipeline is made up of two sections:

  • a 5km water main from Sturminster Marshall water treatment works and Summerslade Down, near Monkton Deverill
  • a 19km water main between Codford water treatment works and Camp Hill, near Salisbury.

Wesses Water are also building 22 new or refurbished above ground water pumping stations and 14 new service reservoirs.

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