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WE Design and Create

WE Design and Create

Asap is an electric power assisted water craft for beach lifeguards - a one person launch rescue or patrol craft, which can be solar charged. It is a more financially viable and sustainable option for lifeguard stations than other rescue craft such as jet skis. The aim has been, and always will be, to help lifeguards saves more lives. The product, created and designed by Ross Kemp, is currently being developed, with the support of the National Composites Centre in the West of England, to manufacture level and will be available to buy soon!

Here is Ross' story;

"I am a product designer and entrepreneur - an inventor. I have always liked making things and have been fascinated with innovation. This started with making a Thunderbirds Tracy Island in my garage and has progressed to an electric motorised lifeguard watercraft.

Everything has been designed by someone and a lot of products filling our lives can be improved upon, to make things a bit better. I realised from an early age, whilst making a wine cabinet in my school workshop, to question everything and never accept that things have to look a certain way - 'because that's what wine cabinets look like'. This resulted in a peculiar triangular wine cabinet - however a seed was planted. Question everything, accept nothing - do things better. That triangular wine cabinet also lead me to discover that I could get a degree from thinking this way, and maybe even get a job making better things. 

The National Composites Centre helped me build an early prototype. The facilities are amazing and staff are full of enthusiasm and to have such a place really get behind your ideas is awesome.

I then went on to receive investment from Innocent Smoothies founder Richard Reed as part of the BBC3 TV show Be Your Own Boss - an opportunity to do something really big and ultimately help save lives with my design. The intensive six weeks of development during the show created a lot of interest in the product.

Since the show I have tested our water crafts with some of the best lifeguards in the world with Virgin’s support. Sir Richard Branson made me an incredible offer to fly me out to Bondi Beach. I hired a campervan and drove over 5,000km along the east coast of Australia, testing our product with as many lifeguards as possible – a result of an amazing once in a lifetime meeting with the Virgin Boss during the show.

We have recently taken on investment from an Angel investor to get our water crafts into production and hope to be on beaches this summer. It has been an awesome journey bringing our product to production. It’s amazing to think I made the very first prototype by hand in a tent in my garden. Margaret who lived next door thought I was building a space ship!


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