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What Employers Say

What Employers Say

Huawei Technologies is a Bristol based microelectronics electronics business, employing 16 people. We spoke to them about why they chose to operate in the West of England:

What is it about the West of England which makes it a good location for your business to be?

Bristol is a vibrant and exciting place for microelectronics with many companies having R&D centres in the area. This hub was largely seeded by the founding of Inmos in Bristol during the late 70s.

What are the main economic benefits you have come to discover from being located in the West of England?

The cluster of microelectronics companies in the area not only creates a pool of highly talented engineers from which we can recruit, but it also makes it an attractive place to for microelectronics engineers to relocate to.

How does being in the West of England meet the need for a life/work balance?

Bristol and Bath are wonder cities in which to live and also provide great access to the whole of the west country, London, Wales and the Midlands.

How does the knowledge of being positioned close to four universities and four further education colleges give assurances of future talent pools?

The local universities run many courses which are highly relevant to the microelectronics sector and this provide a very valuable source of future recruits for the company.

What are the business benefits to being a part of such a distinct industry cluster?

As well as recruitment, the clustering of the companies in the area makes networking with other businesses much easier. This encourages partnerships and knowledge sharing. A good example is the DVClub run by TVS which are free events which anyone with an interest in design verification can attend.

How does the locally available, highly skilled workforce, encourage business growth and success?

The width and depth of talent available in the area makes it much easier and quicker to create teams which can design high quality products and deliver them to tight schedule and cost constraints.

If you use the apprenticeship training opportunities how do they bring fresh young talent into your business?

Introducing young talent into the team is a great way to inject enthusiasm and energy into projects and give the more experienced engineers to mentor and pass on their expertise.


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