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Avonmouth Severnside Enterprise Area

Avonmouth Severnside Enterprise Area

The Avonmouth Severnside Enterprise Area is one of a select group of strategically important employment locations across the West of England that complements the Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone. Each Enterprise Area will have defined incentives for business.

The Avonmouth Severnside Enterprise Area is an industrial location of internationally significant scale, extending for 5 miles along the Severn Estuary and covering some 1,800ha. The area is located between Bristol and the River Severn, immediately adjacent to the M5 and M49 motorways. It consists of two main areas of economic activity – Avonmouth in the south and Severnside in the north. Avonmouth is the closest port to the main centres of UK population with 45 million people living within a radius of 300 kilometres.

In 2010, there were some 14,200 people employed within Avonmouth Severnside. The three largest sectors in terms of employment were transport and storage (23%), wholesale (22%) and manufacturing (18%). These key components of employment in Avonmouth Severnside reflect its attractiveness as an area for large-scale industrial, warehouse and distribution, energy and waste processing uses, in addition to the activities of the port and its associated storage and distribution facilities and associated industries.

The Enterprise Area will benefit from significant forthcoming infrastructure investment including an already approved deep-water container terminal at the port and improvements to provide direct access to strategic road and rail networks.

The area predominantly services the following activities:

  • Storage and distribution centres
  • Energy and waste schemes (incl. bio mass power plants)
  • General industrial development

Key facts

  • Five miles along the Severn Estuary
  • Strategic location, motorway links and the proximity to the port could be highly attractive to potential UK and international investors
  • Suitable for warehousing, distribution, industrial and environmental technologies
  • 1,800 hectare area - approx 650 hectares developable
  • Allocated employment land in core strategies
  • 1957/58 planning permission in place
  • Currently marketed areas could build out in five years (e.g. Central Park, Western Gateway, and Astra Zeneca)


  • Avonmouth (84 hectares)
    • 277,168 square meters commercial floorspace within 25 years
    • Potential job growth 2,000 – 4,000 to 2026
  • Severnside (462 hectares)
    • 1,323,630 square meters commercial floorspace
    • Potential job growth 4,000 – 8,000 to 2026

Download the promotional leaflet or visit the Avonmouth Severnside webpage on the South Gloucestershire webpage.

For more information: Invest Bristol & Bath



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